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Mesa County, Colorado Cemeteries [Preliminary]

This page is a "work-in-progress" and at this time all preliminary information is on one page. In the future each cemetery will have its own page. A search option will then be created. There are several Mesa County cemetery histories published in various locations. A review of these histories and a Mesa County compiled cemetery history would be a great addition to this website.

Miscellaneous cemetery history notes: From the 'Journal of the Western Slope, Vol 6, No 1, Winter 1991.

Pg 41: Cemeteries of the Lower Valley: Elmwood Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery 1 mile north of Fruita. 1881, Fruita had a designated burial ground. 1897, Grounds plotted and designated as cemeteries of the Lower Valley. 200 +/- servicemen graves in Elmwood. William Pabor - Fruita Founder buried in South Section of cemetery. Marble was from canyon north of Palisade.. Pg 42: Details of the annual cemetery clean-up.

Small cemeteries at: Appleton, Loma, Rhone and on the Highline. Many families buried their very small children on their own property, usually in an area by the side of a rosebush or just outside the parents bedroom.

Most cemeteries were uncared for plots of ground and each family was responsible for family grave care.

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Highlighted text are items that should be addressed during cemetery project.

Many researchers have been involved with the research into the history of cemeteries and burials of Mesa County, Colorado. Since the 1970's The Museum of the West, Mesa County Genealogical Society members, local community members, local historians, and various community groups have worked to research and catalog the history and burials in Mesa County. These pages will help pull together all the research over the years into one central location. We need a separate page within this project that will detail the efforts of some of these individuals.

I (Karen Sturgill) want to thank in particular, Museum of the West Loyd Files researcher Marie Tipping for her ongoing discussions with me over the last several years about the local cemeteries and burials so that there was a starting point to get this project up and running.

Insert general History of Mesa County and its cemeteries...

Town Company Notice

Town Company Notice, GJ News, 04 Nov 1882, Sat, pg 3

Kathy Jordan a Grand Junction historian who, unfortunately, passed away in 2013 completed much Mesa County Cemetery research. Links to some of her columns are listed below:

First Recorded Death

Garland - Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Garland, died in December 1881 and may have been buried in Potters' Field.

garland infant death

Garland Infant Obituary, GJ News, 04 Nov 1882, Sat, pg 3

Mesa County Oral History Project related to cemeteries [are there more?]

Interviews with Craig B. Aupperle.

Colorado Historic Cemetery Association

"Purpose": To promote the preservation, interpretation and sustainability of historic cemeteries..." You can view their website here.

Cemeteries: Alphabetical List

As more details are added, each cemetery may require a separate webpage.

** In conjunction with the 'Colorado Cemetery Names Project' [2004], MCGS member Dennis R. Jenkins collected location data and photos of the Mesa County, Colorado cemeteries. Cemetery photographs have the following citation: 'Photo Credit: DRJ 2004'. The original project notebook can be found in the Mesa County Genealogical Society Library and includes detailed location including GPS details and Topographic map printouts.

Catholic (Fruita)
Calvary (Grand Junction)
Cedar Crest (Collbran)
Clover (Collbran)
Crown Point (Appleton)
Elmwood (Fruita)
Fairview (Grand Junction)
Glade Park
Hope (Abandoned)
I.O.O.F. (Grand Junction)
I.O.O.F. (Palisade)
Isolated Graves
Little Park
Masonic (Grand Junction)
Memorial Gardens (Grand Junction)
Mesa (Mesa)
Molina (Vega)
Municipal (Grand Junction)
Ohr Shalom (Jewish)
Orchard Mesa (Grand Junction)
Palisade Municipal
Pentecostal (Fruita - Abandoned)
Potters' Field (Grand Junction)
Veterans' Cemetery (Grand Junction)(Not Federal)
Veterans' Cemetery (Federal)
Teller Institute Burial Ground - Exact location Unknown

Miscellaneous Mesa County, Colorado Online Cemetery Information

Mesa County Genealogical Society Cemetery Database (pdf file)
USGenWeb Archives
Find a Grave
Mesa County Colorado Genweb Colorado Gravestones
Billion Graves

Cemeteries: Chronological List

Potters' Field (Grand Junction)

1881 - ????

Potters Field Cemetery Potters Field Cemetery- **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

Potters Field History

The history on 'Find a Graves' seems to indicate that there were various Potters Field cemeteries in Mesa county and their history is quite convoluted. Kathy Jordan submitted a great deal of details that can be found here.

Joseph Harper homesteaded the property in 1883 and sold it [unknown date] to William Palmer who owned property until 1911. Kathy states that there were no know burials during the time that Mr. Palmer owned the property . Kathy did not note dates.

Potters Field

Potter's Field, GJ News, 04 July 1885, Sat, pg 3

20-30 Club Seeks Information on City's Forgotten Cemetery

Burials after Potters Field property was sold to C.L. Connely in 1911.[Two in 1911, and two in 1913. However Find a Grave shows five in 1913]. Last burial in 1936.

Cemetery sold to the City of Grand Junction in 1919.

Potter's Field was also, apparently, the center of a ghost search possibly in 2009. There is a copy of an email from Feb 2010 that mentions that Kathy Jordan interviewed the group MAAPPS Paranormal regarding their search. It would be interesting to locate the article or interview.

A file has been found named "Cemetery Potter" that includes research done by Harold Hawkworth, President of the Pioneers that includes 'Historic Preservation survey forms; A note from Gladys Tovrea Brandstoettner regarding a contribution of information to the USGenWeb Archives; Several tombstone photographs; a copy of a telephone interview from January 1986 with Don Riggle of the defunct 20-30 Club; and notes by Billie Richardson of the Mesa County Genealogical Society. The documents have been scanned and will be included here.

Find a Grave - Potters Field.

Additional information on this cemetery can be found here including individuals buried, tombstone photographs and a detailed cemetery history by local researcher Kathy Jordan.

Possible burials: Infant Garland; December 1881, Benjamin A. "Ben" Scott - Sheriff. Died 1 April 1882. Drowned in the Grand River; Patrick Henry Gordon.

Gate Location Address: 26 3/8 Rd; Lat/Long; Status: Inactive

Directions: From Highway 50 take Canon St. (26 1/4 Rd) South to B 3/4 Rd. Turn West and go to 26 3/8th Rd, then South about 1/4 mile to Cemetery on left Side (East). Just north of Police firing range.


Burials from Find-A-Grave, 33 listed. Additions of obituaries in progress. Apparently the names of the individuals are on the back of the cemetery sign although my understanding is that they are not correct. A photo would be a great addition.

First Burials?

  • Baby Garland - 1881
  • B.A. Scott - 1882
  • Patrick Henry Gordon - 01 Apr 1882

  • The following is a list of some of the burials from Find-A-Grave. It seems likely that this list is a consolidation of several 'Potters Field' cemeteries. I am in the process of scanning and adding obituaries.

  • Clarence Adams - dates unknown
  • Thomas J Allison - ????- 12 Jul 1905. Death notice mentions relatives in California.
  • James Bowman - dates unknown
  • Samuel E "Cherokee Bill" Cowell Column 1; Column 2, - 23 April 1923 (possibly born in 1819?).
  • Pat D - 06 Dec 1927
  • Lawrence Gaffney 09 Nov 1896 (where was he actually buried?)
  • Frank Flannery - 17 Feb 1913
  • Lettie Hammond
  • Bertha Kaufman - 1908/1911
  • Nils Larson - Jul 1892
  • Infant Lowe
  • Monroe Loyd - 31 Mar 1913
  • Alice Adelia Synder Middaugh - 25 Aug 1913
  • Mary Middaugh 06 Jul 1913.
  • Thomas Mullen - 26 Jul 1895
  • Julian Pacheco - 28 Sep 1936 [last burial?]
  • Mrs Seville Pacheco - 09 Aug 1898 (where is she actually buried?)
  • Infant Palmer
  • Elmer Price - 1911
  • Reither - 30 Oct 1888
  • Edward Russell
  • Frank Ryan - 19 Dec 1910
  • JB Scott - 1865 - 9 Sep 1895
  • Ira J Smith - 16 Feb 1896
  • Jack Smith - 9 Sep 1895
  • John H Smith - 19 May 1913
  • Scotty Smith - 25 Apr 1902
  • Mrs Joesph Steele - 4 Aug 1888
  • John Sunshee - 17 Feb 1909

  • Hope Cemetery

    1883 - 1895 ?

    Although a 'work-in-progress' the Hope Cemetery details given here is a possible example of the types of details the MCGS Cemetery Project could work towards for all Mesa County cemeteries.

    ***From Kathy Jordan (need copy write authorization or new blurb) According to Gunnison and Mesa County records, Hope Cemetery was the first area planned as a cemetery by the Grand Junction Town and Investment Co. It was located between Independent and Texas Avenues on First Street...In 1883, John Mayhew filed on 160 acres then sold 60 acres to the Grand Junction Town Company.

    *Conversation with Marie Tipping, Loyd Files Research Library in June 2022 - There were ruins of an old adobe or brick chapel that stood near the center of the plot. After 1887 burials were at a cemetery near the W.W. Miller Ranch.

    Hope Cemetery Historical Documents

    John Mayhew land purchase
    John Mayhew Land Purchase Gunnison County, Land Sale Receipts - Registers of Cash Entries, 1518685_1(80), 1883-1890. Accessed 18 May 2002

    PDF image of John Mayhew Land Patent issued by BLM 04 June 1890

    Hope Cemetery plat image; No individual plots noted.

    Hope Cemetery plat image

    Plat of Hope Cemetery with survey notes

    Transcription of Hope Cemetery survey notes

    Hope Cemetery Abandoned

    The Daily Sentinel, Tues, 06 June 1905, Page 2, Column 4

    The old cemetery on the Fruit Ridge road, about one mile north of the city limits, long ago abandoned will be entirely effaced and the bodies still remaining in the old cemetery will be disinterred and removed to the the Orchard Mesa Cemetery. Preparations are now being made by the Gourley-Platt Furniture & Undertaking company to make this change, and the old cemetery, long unsightly in its appearance, will soon be a thing of the past. It is thought that about sixteen bodies are still in the old graveyard. Nearly all, if not all, of the graves are unmarked, and in nearly every instance the identity of those who were laid to rest in this cemetery years ago has been lost, and again on the removal to the Orchard Mesa cemetery the bodies will rest in unmarked graves.

    The plot upon which the graveyard is laid out is owned by the Grand Junction Town & Development Company. Twenty-five years ago this company laid out the cemetery and many lots were sold. For several years the city's dead was laid to rest here, and there had been perhaps forty interments before it was decided to abandon the cemetery. The last burial service held there was in the year 1887, and from that year until the present time the little plot of ground directly on the public highway has been neglected and un-cared for. This was Grand Junction's first cemetery. For many years following the year 1887 interments were made in a cemetery near the W. M. Miller ranch and then about 12 years ago. the Orchard Mesa cemetery was laid out and lots sold. Efforts have been made from time to time by the residents of Fruit Ridge to have the old cemetery obliterated. At one time a petition, quite lengthy, was prepared and presented to the county commissioners, but no action was taken.

    During the last two weeks the Town & Development Company decided to have the change made and the company let the contract to the Gourley-Platt company the latter part of the week. A more dreary and desolate scene ???? that presented by this long forsaken burying ground could hardly be imagined. The remains of an old adobe or brick chapel stand near the center of the plot. A road, the branch of the main highway, finds its was across a portion of the grounds. Years ago some of the graves were marked with stones, but today these stones are broken and scattered in all directions. Many of the mounds have sunken, and there are numerous empty graves, graves from which the bodies were removed long ago. No shade trees nor grass is there to give and air of restfulness to the place. It has all the loneliness and desolation that wrapped in oppressive gloom and weirdness the old graveyard described by Thomas Gray in his famous elegy.

    Lot Purchases

  • 22 November 1884, Masonic Lodge 55,"Plat III, Division "B", Hope Cemetery. (22 June 1905, sold back to Grand Junction Town Company).

  • 23 December 1884, Mrs Mary J Chenowith, Lot 89, Division A (25 May 1905 lot was sold back to the Grand Junction Town Company.)

  • 26 Dec 1884 S.J. Scovill, Lot 27,Need copy of deed
  • There are two infant son's of SJ and SA Scovill buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery. Dates of death given as 1890 and 1891.

  • 14 June 1887, Mansir Stewart, Lot 25 (on the same deed Mr. Stewart also bought city lots 6,7,& 8)(In 1901 he sold the Hope Cemetery lot back to the City of Grand Junction)[Mansir Stewart is listed on the 1885 Mesa County, Colorado census as the head of household that included wife Julia and 8 children. lists his death in 1918 in Mack, Colorado.]

  • Thomas Williams Lot 87

  • Jan 1885 G W Mitchell Lot 24

  • 26 August 1885, James O. Bradish, Lot 92. (20 May 1905, sold back to Grand Junction Town Company)[Several 'Bradish' burials are listed in the MCGS cemetery database, however James' father Levi Bradish who died in 1885, and was probably moved from Hope Cemetery to the Orchard Mesa Cemetery, is not listed.]

  • 01 July 1885 D???? Lot 23

  • JW Stewart Lot 25

  • CB Collins


  • M. Franklin Chenoweth (sic), aged 14, died on 15 Sept 1883. Initially buried at Hope Cemetery his remains were moved to the Orchard Mesa Cemetery when Hope Cemetery was abandoned.

  • "Uncle" George Colyer. Died 8 Jan 1883, Age 68. Funeral Monday afternoon attended by a large number of friends. Life story and obituary 13 Jan 1883, Grand Junction News, pg 3

  • Ross Cemetery

    1886 ? - 1894

    Ross Cemetery Historical Documents

    PDF image of Marcus B Ross Land Patent issued by BLM 27 Jan 1888

    Ross Cemetery Location Ross Cemetery Location **Image from Google Maps - June 2002

    This cemetery no longer exists.

    Find a Grave - Ross Cemetery

    Additional information on this cemetery can be found at Find a Grave including possible burials, and an article on the cemetery history by local researcher Kathy Jordan.

    Gate Location Address: According to research done by Kathy Jordan, this cemetery was located "north of the railroad tracks on 19 1/2 Rd, [the] Ross School was just south of the railroad tracks." The Bureau of Land Management records indicate that Marcus B Ross obtained a patented this property on 27 Jan 1888, however Kathy Jordan's research noted that the property was homesteaded by Marcus and Ellen Ross in 1882.


    **note: all of these obituaries have been located and will be added to the website.

    • Infant daughter Hynes - burial Sat. 18 Oct 1884
    • Charles Duckett - 8 months - 18 Aug 1885
    • William Duckett - 32 years - 02 Sep 1886
    • Mary Chipman: GJ News 30 Oct 1886
    • Infant Lowery - 07 Feb 1888
    • Sarah Carline McCracken Duckett - 24 Sep 1888.
    • Edith Haynes - 04 Oct 1888 - moved to Orchard Mesa
    • Mary B Haynes (Mary Matilda?)- 06 Nov 1888
    • Infant Woodring: GJ News 21 Jan 1888
    • Mrs. Dorothy Rich: GJ News 22 Nov 1890
    • Mr. J.H. Berry: GJ News 19 Aug 1893
    • Phildellia Franklin "Badger" Haynes - 16 Sep 1894 - moved to Orchard Mesa

    Fairview (Abandoned)

    1887 - ???? (history?)

    Find a Grave lists "Fairview Cemetery" as Mesa-Molina. This is not the same cemetery.

    There are/were two 'Fairview' cemeteries. The ownership history of this cemetery needs to be researched

    Warranty Deed #8538, 19 Dec. 1889, Burroughs R Hall, County of Arapaho, Co and Alvina D Kenney of Weber Co, UT. $2,500. S 1/2 of the NW 1/4 and Lot Three (3) and the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4. Section One (1) Township One (1)S, Range 1(1)W, Ute principal Meridian ???? fifteen (15) acres now enclosed and known a Fairview Cemetery.

    Last deed for this property 1895

    Ariel Biglow - age 43 - 24 Aug 1887 Buried Mr. Hall's Fairview Cemetery

    Fair View (City of Grand Junction)

    1907 - Present

    Original Land Patentee, Marcus A Wheelock, 09 Feb 1891

    Fairview Cemetery Fairview Cemetery **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Fairview Cemetery

    34 burials are listed on Find A Grave.

    Gate Location Address: Canon St. (26 1/4 Rd), Status: Active

    Directions: Take Highway 50 South from downtown Post Office to Canon St. (26 1/4 Rd) go about 1/4 mile South; Cemetery is on the left (East) side of the road.

    Ohr Shalom Cemetery (City of Grand Junction)

    ???? (history?)

    Ohr Shalom Cemetery Ohr Shalom Cemetery **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Ohr Shalom Cemetery

    21 burials are listed on Find A Grave as of 31 May 2022.

    Gate Location Address:SE Corner of Municipal Cemetery; Also on west side of Canon St (26 1/4 Rd)

    Orchard Mesa (Grand Junction)

    1887/88 - Present

    Orchard Mesa Cemetery Orchard Mesa Cemetery **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Orchard Mesa Cemetery

    Gate Location Address: 263 26 1/4 Rd

    Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (Fruita)


    Sacred Heart Calvary Cemetery Sacred Heart - Calvary Cemetery **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address:17 1/2 Road about 1/2 mile North of K Road, Fruita

    Directions;From roundabout in Fruita (Aspen Ave & Mesa St.) go East on Aspen about 1/4 mile to 17 1/2 Rd. Turn Left and go North about 0.9 miles. The Cemetery is on the left (West) side of the road.

    Calvary (City of Grand Junction)

    ???? (need a history)

    Calvary Calvary Addition Calvary **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Calvary Cemetery

    Gate Location Address: 280 26 1/4 Rd

    Directions:Take Highway 50 South to Canon St (26 1/4 Rd). Turn South and go .04. The Entrance to the cemetery is on the left (East) side of the road.

    Cedar Crest (Collbran)

    ????-???? (need a history)

    Cedar Crest Cemetery Cedar Crest Cemetery Access
    Cedar Crest Cemetery and Access Road - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Cedar Crest

    You can search for burials and tombstone photographs at Find a Grave.

    Some burials not listed in Find a Grave are located at Billion Graves.

    Gate Location Address: About 15716 - 58.85 Rd, Collbran

    Directions: Take Hwy 330 East to 59.5 Rd; go about 0.4 miles South on 59.5 Rd to 58.85 Rd; Turn East and go North up the hill for about 0.15 miles to the cemetery.

    Row lists have been provided by former MCGS member Margo Lurvey. Will be reconciled with Find a Grave database. Cemetery plot map would be helpful.

    Clover (Collbran)

    ???? (need a history)

    Clover Cemetery
    Clover Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Clover Cemetery

    You can search for burials and tombstone photographs at Find a Grave.

    Gate Location Address:60571 Clover Lane, Collbran

    Directions:From Collbran Post Office go North across Plateau Creek Bridge,; Turn right (East) and take Peninsula Rd to cemetery at Clover Lane. (About 2.5 miles from P.O. to cemetery).

    Row lists have been provided by former MCGS member Margo Lurvey. Will be reconciled with Find a Grave database. Cemetery plot map would be helpful.

    Crown Point Veterans (Appleton)


    Crown Point Cemetery
    Crown Point Veterans Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Crown Point Cemetery.

    Additional information on this cemetery can be found here including individuals buried, tombstone photographs and an article on the cemetery history.

    Gate Location Address: Intersection of I.5 Rd and 23.5 Rd

    Directions: From exit 24 on I-70 take 24 Rd North about 2 miles to I.5 Rd, then go West 0.5 miles to the cemetery.

    De Beque

    ????-???? (need a history)

    De Beque Cemetery
    De Beque Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - DeBeque Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address: 9th St next to 45 Rd and W.5 Rd, De Beque

    Directions: From De Beque PO go North on Minter Ave about 0.3 miles to 45 Rd. Cemetery is just to NE with 45 Rd on the west side & W.5 Rd on the South side of the cemetery.


    ???? (need a history)

    Egalite Cemetery
    Eagalite Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find A Grave - Eagalite Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address:14777 57 Rd (out of Plateau City)

    Directions: From Plateau City on Highway 330 take 57.5 Rd South about 0.8 miles to OE Rd. Go West on OE Rd for about 0.4 miles and turn South on 57 Rd. Go 0.3 miles; Cemetery is on right (West) side of road.

    Notes from former MCGS Member Margo Lurvey: Row lists have been located. The following tombstones are listed but not on Find a Grave:

    • Armour, George; 1837-1985
    • Carmichall, (sic) John G; 188-
    • Casper, McIntoch; 1894-1900
    • Dawson, Orval; 1877 - 1964
    • Murry (Murray?), Emma; 1900 - 1900
    • Stites,Noma: 1880 - 1915 (is this the same as Stites, Nona 1915-1980 with incorrect dates?)
    • Worth, Charles: 1932
    • Worth, Flarence (sic) Cathern (sic); 1932

    A plot map of this cemetery would be helpful.

    Back to Cemetery Alphabetical List

    Elmwood (Fruita)

    1895/96 - ????

    Elmwood Elmwood - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find A Grave - Elmwood Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address: 17 1/4 Rd (just south of K 3/4 Rd), Fruita

    Directions: From City of Fruita round-a-bout at Aspen Ave and Mesa St. go North on N. Mesa St (17 3/4 Rd) for about 1 Miles. Cemetery is on left (West) side of the street.

    Gateway (La Fair ?)

    ???? (need additional details)

    Gateway Graves
    Is this where the graves are located in Gateway???

    Written by Jean Moores, 1998: "Records indicate there are five to seven graves in a graveyard on top of the hill across West Creek from the Gateway School. This cemetery was only used a few times in the early 1900's. It is located on private property now owned by Jack and Rosemary Casto. The first person known to be buried was in 1900, the last in 1940. The Museum of Western Colorado kindly shared this information."

    Current Status: Inactive

    **need more information on this cemetery.

    Directions: At Whitewater on Highway 50 turn South on Highway 141 to Gateway.

    Glade Park

    ???? (need history)

    Glade Park Cemetery
    Glade Park Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find A Grave - Glade Park Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address: Cemetery Lane off 16 1/2 Rd. North of Glade Park Store

    Directions: Use Little Park Road or Monument Road to Glade Park Store. At DS Road or 16 1/2 Rd go North on from store about 1 mile to Cemetery Lane (also called 'Private Road' but is accessible). Turn right and head East about 0.1 mile. Cemetery is on Right (South) side of road.

    Possible burials from 'A Glade Park History Remembered' by Albert Ozbun, published: 1883, 1889, 1995.

  • Samuel Wrench, 1913
  • Worrie Carpenter family: 2 children died and were buried in cemetery. Worry gave the ground to the people of Glade Park to use as a cemetery. **Note: According to the BLM database Worrie applied for a homestead patent in 1920 of which part of the patent included the property that he donated for a cemetery.
  • Charlie Carpenter - one child buried in cemetery
  • Clifford Carpenter. age 2 - Child of Henry and Annabella
  • Nova Halloway died in 1975 on Glade Park - burial?
  • Ward Thompson - 1919?
  • Elaine & Duval Thompson?
  • Infant Miracle
  • Infant Lane, 18 months, Spinal Meningitis
  • There are 145 burials listed on Find a Grave for this cemetery, however many of the burials on this list do not appear.

    I.O.O.F. (City of Grand Junction I.O.O.F.)

    ???? (need history)

    IOOF Cemetery GJ
    I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Grand Junction) **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find A Grave - I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address: B 3/4 Rd just West of the Masonic Cemetery

    Directions: From Highway 50 South of Grand Junction P.O. turn South on Canon Road (26 1/4 Rd). Go South about 0.4 miles to B 3/4 Rd. Go West past Masonic Cemetery about 0.1 mile. IOOF Cemetery is on the left (South) side of road.

    I.O.O.F. (Palisade); Palisade Veterans?


    Gate Location Address:about 3529 Highway 6

    Directions:From Palisade Post Office go South 0.3 miles to US Highway 6 and turn right (West), go about 2.5 miles to the cemetery which is on the South side of the Road.

    Isolated Graves

    Need far more information!

    Isolated Graves

    On City of Grand Junction Property: There are two above ground vaults enclosed by stone masonry wall & located on Hillside.

  • Allen
  • Kent
  • McClintock

  • Massey Cemetery?Two miles northeast of Gateway on private ground there may be a grave of twin boys who died at birth in the 1920, on the old Massey home-place. Buried under a tree. Inactive. **Note included with 'Colorado Cemetery Names Project' "Possible Oscar Massey has information on these graves" 2004

    Gateway Area

  • Claud Christian Nichols
  • Mrs. Nichols - 1927 and her children
  • Pentecostal Cemetery? - inactive

    On Private property. Located between 16 and 17 Roads South of P Road, NW of Fruita. I checked Google maps. There are several farms located in the area but I couldn't see any specific grave sites, however perhaps they are behind the houses. 6/2022 kms *interview with Marie T. the cemetery was located on the 'Bernal' property at the base of a hill. [The 'Bernal' property was on 16 Rd near Q Rd?] Susan Corey had obituaries. 6/2022

    I located this obituary/death notice - 29 Oct 1931, Daily Sentinel - Antoni Cordova "Burial will be in the Loma cemetery." I located his grave site at the Orchard Mesa Cemetery, with a handmade flat stone. Was he perhaps buried at the Pentecostal cemetery and later moved?

    George Crawford Grave Site

    Geroge Cawford grave
    George Crawford grave site - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Founder of Grand Junction, Colorado

    Find A Grave Although Find A Grave includes a link to a short biography of George Addison Crawford the link is no longer valid, however you can find the biography at the Internet Archives here.

    Grave site location: SE corner of Orchard Mesa Cemetery at 26 1/4 Rd

    Directions: From Highway 50, go South on Canon St (26 1/4 Rd) to SE comer of Orchard Mesa Cemetery. A short hike up hillside to grave site.

    Little Park Cemetery


    Little Park Cemetery
    Little Park Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Little Park Cemetery.

    3 burials are listed on Find a Grave. Charles James Redd, George Wesley Yates, and Henrietta Imogene Lawrence Yates.

    Gate Location Address:CS Road (about 7.9 miles SW of CS Rd and Redlands Rd.

    Directions: Access is through private property. From Highway 340 take D Rd. onto Redlands Rd, about 1 mile to CS Rd. (Little Park Rd.), turn right (West) and go about 7.9 miles to Cedar fence around small enclosed cemetery on left (South) side of the road.

    Masonic (Grand Junction Masonic)


    Masonic Cemetery
    Masonic Cemetery- **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Find a Grave - Masonic Cemetery.

    Gate Location Address: 269 26 1/4 Rd

    Directions: From Highway 50 turn South on Canon Street (26 1/4 Rd) about 0.14 miles to intersection of Canon St. and B 3/4 Rd. The cemetery is on the right on the SW corner of the intersection,

    Memorial Gardens (Grand Junction)


    Memorial Garden
    Memorial Garden Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address 2970 North Ave.

    Directions: From Grand Junction PO go East to 5th St., then go North about 0.6 miles to North Ave. Turn Right (East) and go about 3.5 miles (past 29 1/2 Rd) to 2970 North Ave. The cemetery is on the North side of North Ave.

    Mesa Cemetery (Mesa)

    1912 - ????

    Mesa Cemetery
    Mesa Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: 50050 KE Road, Mesa

    Directions: From Mesa, Co Post Office t Highway 65 & KE Road go East on KE Road about 1.1 mile to cemetery (entrance on East side of cemetery.

    Find a Grave - Mesa Cemetery.

    Molina (Vega)

    1894 - Present

    Molina Cemetery
    Molina Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: 53044 KE Rd, Molina

    Directions: From Molina P.O. go about 0.1 miles west on KE Rd to cemetery which is located on right (North) side of the road across from the Molina Baptist Church.

    Find a Grave - Molina Cemetery.

    Notes from former MCGS Member Margo Lurvey: [These names are not included in Find A Grave or Billion Graves]:

    • Mrs. Bear (Row 4) - dates gone
    • Mrs. Henry Hall 1894 - ????, (east of cemetery outside of fence)
    • Leo B Hassle, 01 Sep 1895 - 1954 (Row 3)
    • Mary Wallace (Row 3) dates missing
    • Mr. D. Walker died 1896 (Row 3) - Martin's Mortuary [tombstone photo on Find a Grave lists Mr. Walker]

    A plot map of this cemetery would be helpful.

    Municipal (Grand Junction) Includes: Cremation Gardens and Memorial Forest


    Municipal Cemetery Municipal Cemetery Cremation Gardens
    Municipal Cemetery and Cremation Gardens - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: 291 26 1/4 Rd

    Directions: Take Highway 50 South to Canon St (26 1/4 Rd). Turn South and go a short distance. The Entrance to the cemetery is on the right side (North) of the road.

    Find a Grave - Municipal Cemetery.

    Palisade Municipal


    Palisade Cemetery
    Palisade Cemetery- **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: About 3529 Highway 6

    Directions: From Palisade P.O. go South 0.3 miles to US Highway 6 and turn right (West). Go about 2.5 miles to the cemetery which is on the South side of the road.

    Veterans' Cemetery (Grand Junction)


    Veterans Cemetery- **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: B 3/4 Rd

    Directions: From Highway 50 South of Grand Junction P.O. turn South on Canon Road (26 1/4 Rd). Go West past IOOF Cemetery about 0.2 mile. Cemetery is on the left (South) side of road.

    Veterans' Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado (Federal)


    Veterans Federal
    Veterans Cemetery- **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Veterans' Memorial Cemetery Website

    Gate Location: 2830 D Road.

    Directions: From Grand Junction Post Office go South to Atkin Ave, East to 9th St, South to D Road, then East on D Road about 1.8 miles to Cemetery. Cemetery is located on left (North) side of the road.


    1887/88 - ?????

    Whitewater Cemetery
    Whitewater Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

    Gate Location Address: Cemetery Road of Reeder Rd., Whitewater

    Directions:From 1st St & Highway 50 in Whitewater for about 1/4 mile South on Highway 50 to Reeder Rd. Go 0.3 miles East on Reeder Rd to Cemetery Rd. Turn South and go about 0.55 miles to cemetery gate.

    Teller Institute Burial Ground

    1886 - 1911

    There has been ongoing research over the years to attempt to establish the location and burials.

    Journal of the Western Slope, Volume 8, No. 3, Summer 1993: pg 19; "The number of persons laid to rest in the school cemetery would be one indication of health conditions at the institute. Unfortunately there is no record of burials and, today, the location of the school's cemetery cannot be ascertained..." **footnote: "The Mesa County Genealogical Society, which has cataloged all known cemeteries in Mesa County, confirms that the Indian School Cemetery has not been located. However , there is documentation that a small number of remains from the Indian School were removed to the Orchard Mesa Cemetery. Conversation with Phyllis George, January 25, 1993."**

    The 'Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs' (RCIA) for each year can be found on-line. They are searchable *.pdf files at 'The History Collection of the University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries'. An example can be found here. They are fascinating.

    There has been renewed interest in the Teller Institutes burial ground with archaeologists considering the use of ground penetrating radar to locate the old burial ground. A presentation was recently given at the Mesa County Public Library by John D. Seebach, PhD about this project.

    In May 2022, the U.S. Department of the Interior released Volume 1 of an investigative report which begins to address the history of federal Indian boarding school policies. It can be found here.

    Information regarding the Colorado Department of Human Services 'Teller Institute Task Force' can be found here

    Possible Teller Institute Deaths/Burials

    There is a 'Find A Grave' list for 16 of the Teller Indian School burials. There is no source information given. Newspaper death notices have been located and will be added here.

    • Ben Reed - 15 Sept 1888.
    • Charles VandeVere [drowning] - 16 Aug 1890
    • Unknown boy - age 12 - 28 May 1982
    • Hannah Neliac - 25 Mar 1893 [Death notice doesn't indicate if Hannah was buried in the Teller Institute cemetery or if her body was transported home.]
    • Patie Wyhant - 17 Feb 1894
    • Allen Thurman (GJ News)
    • Allen Thurman (Daily Sentinel)- 15 Jan 1895
    • [Allen Thurman is listed in the U.S., Indian Census Rolls for 1893 with the San Carlos (Apache, Mohave, and Yuma Indians) as a "pupil away at school".]

    • George Washington (Apache) - 23 Apr 1895
    • Milford Cleveland [drowning]- 03 Aug 1895
    • Desha Russell (Apache) 24 June 1896
    • Charles Bitts (Piute) - 15 Jan 1898
    • John Hardson - 18 Apr 1900
    • Peter Armell - 07 Jul 1900
    • Unknown boy [typhoid] - 19 Jul 1900
    • Samuel Shem - 09 July 1900
    • Unknown girl - age 13 - 27 Feb 1902
    • Charles Henry - 17 Jan 1905
    • Luke C Gorkey (Navaho)- 05 May 1905
    • Frank Enas [drowning]- 12 Jun 1906
    • Ramon Simon - 06 Feb 1909
    • Unknown girl - 15 Apr 1910

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