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George Crawford Grave Site - Founder of Grand Junction

George Cawford grave
George Crawford grave site - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

Find A Grave Although Find A Grave includes a link to a short biography of George Addison Crawford the link is no longer valid, however you can find the biography at the Internet Archives here.

Grave site location: SE corner of Orchard Mesa Cemetery at 26 1/4 Rd

Directions: From Highway 50, go South on Canon St (26 1/4 Rd) to SE comer of Orchard Mesa Cemetery. A short hike up hillside to grave site.

George Addison Crawford died on 28 Jan 1891 and several newspaper articles were written detailing his life

  • Death of George A. Crawford - Long article
  • Death of George A. Crawford Sort article
  • In July of 1898 George Crawford's casket was moved from the Masonic Cemetery to the burial vault above the Orchard Mesa Cemetery. A brief article appeared in the Daily Sentinel on 9 July 1898

    Information on George Crawford provided by Garry Brewer

    Geroge Cawford grave
    George Crawford grave site overlooking Grand Junction - **Photo Credit: Garry Brewer

    Longtime MCGS member Garry Brewer has spent many years researching George A. Crawford. A very interesting article on his tomb was written by him in 2014 which you can read here. A longer article about George Crawfords life written by Garry can be read here.

    Because of Garry Brewer's generosity in sharing not only stories of his research but also many photographs additional information will be added about George Crawford's tombstone and history.

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