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Eagalite - Plateau City

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Incorporated 1896 - ??? (need a history)

Egalite Cemetery
Eagalite Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

Find A Grave - Eagalite Cemetery.

Gate Location Address:14777 57 Rd (out of Plateau City)

Directions: From Plateau City on Highway 330 take 57.5 Rd South about 0.8 miles to OE Rd. Go West on OE Rd for about 0.4 miles and turn South on 57 Rd. Go 0.3 miles; Cemetery is on right (West) side of road.

Egalite Cemetery Aerial View
Aerial view Eagalite Cemetery- Google Maps - 2022

The earliest burial listed on Find A Grave is for Levi Gibbs, 8 Dec 1886.

Notes from former MCGS Member Margo Lurvey: Row lists have been located. The following tombstones are listed but not on Find a Grave. However the 1980's cemetery walk-through completed by the MCGS [Starting on East side going from South to North] lists: Row 7, two flat markers in ground that are illegible; Row 10, 5 markers without names or dates, one marble; Row 15, one 6X8 head marker with no name or dates; Interestingly Row 18 does not seem to exist.

  • Armour, George; 1837-1945, Row 6
  • Carmichall, (sic) John G; 188-
  • Casper, McIntoch; 1894-1900, [MCPLD database lists Casper McIntosh, son of John & Lizzie McIntosh.
  • Dawson, Orval (sic); 1877 - 1964 [MCGS from 1980's lists Row 6, grave name plate].
  • Murry (Murray?), Emma; 1900 - 1900
  • Worth, Charles & Florence Cathern Worth: 18 October 1932, Row 3, Double flat stone in ground. [I searched the online newspapers for any notice of these deaths but was unable to locate any mention. It applears that the couple died on the same day.

A plot map of this cemetery would be helpful. The location and photographs of the tombstones for the above burials could be added to Find a Grave as part of the cemetery project.

Marie Tipping located the Eagalite Cemetery Certificate of Incorporation dated 28 September 1896 and renewal dated 16 April 1919, copies of which are included here [**note** some pages are difficult to read].

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