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Elmwood - Fruita

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1895 - Present

Elmwood Elmwood - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

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Gate Location Address: 17 1/4 Rd (just south of K 3/4 Rd), Fruita

Directions: From City of Fruita round-a-bout at Aspen Ave and Mesa St. go North on N. Mesa St (17 3/4 Rd) for about 1 Miles. Cemetery is on left (West) side of the street.

Elmwood Cemetery Association incorporation deed. 13 May 1895.

Resolution designating 'The Elmwood Cemetery' in the Register of Historic Sites, Structures, and Districts.

From The Fruita Times, Volume 65, Number 40 - Thursday, October 15, 1959

"Elmwood Cemetery - People had been settling in Fruita and the Valley around it since at least 1884, but it did not have, ten years later, a burying ground. Mr. Merriell started working on this and the Elmwood Cemetery Association was formed, incorporated and in 1895 bought 40 acres out Mesa Avenue, a mile north of town. This was an ideal site, on a low mesa, high enough to be well drained, with soil better than the river bottom land, and today has the making of a beautiful cemetery and in it can be read the record of early Fruita families."

There is a brief mention of the Elmwood Cemetery in this article by Kathy Jordan (The Daily Sentinel, 21 May 2010).

Elmwood Cemetery History continued from above article.

The first burials made in the Elmwood Cemetery were in June of 1895. Burials of individuals who died before that date were moved from elsewhere. A review of Find A Grave lists 15 burials before that date. There is no indication as to where the burials were moved from.

  • Gross, Frank E: 1886-1890
  • Johnston, Zellah E: 1889-1893
  • Jones, Thomas: 1828-1894
  • Lane, Ann E. (Hayne): 1834-1887
  • Lane, Winnie A: 1861-1892
  • Lapham, Albert Ferdinand: 1832-1894
  • Lapham, Mida: 1872-1887
  • Masser, Bonnie R: 1869-1888, This obituary has been mis-indexed in the library obituary database as 1988 rather than 1888.
  • Owens, Emma Lou: 1869-1890
  • Rose, Harold: 1890-1891
  • Rose, Susie: 1889-1889
  • Skeels, Carrie B: 1875-1894. Daily Sentinel; Vol 1; No 96; 15 Mar 1894. This obituary notes that Carrie Skeels was originally interred at the Ross Cemetery.
  • Turner, Nathan Jasper: 1837-1890. This obituary was located in the Grand Valley Star; Vol 2; No 42; 18 Oct 1890 and clipped from the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection online database.
  • Wechel, William H: 1836-1894
  • Whiting, Darrell: 1891-1891
  • Loyd Files Research Library also holds a few newspaper articles about the Elmwood Cemetery and they will be added here in the near future.

    It is hoped that the MCGS Cemetery Project will help resolve some of the dependencies in the Find-A-Grave and BillionGraves databases such as:

  • Burial of Catherine Susan Lehr infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Lehr, Jr who was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery but who's grave is not included on either database.
  • Mesa County Public Library Regional History Room holds the following volume: 'Gravestone Inscriptions of Western Colorado, Elmwood by John William Lynn. The catalog listing can be found here. This volume gives the Section/Row number for each burial up to the publication date.

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