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De Beque

First burial 1890 - Land Purchase 1912 - Incorporation 1917 - present (need early history)

De Beque Cemetery
De Beque Cemetery - **Photo Credit: DRJ 2004

Gate Location Address: 9th St next to 45 Rd and W.5 Rd, De Beque

Directions: From De Beque PO go North on Minter Ave about 0.3 miles to 45 Rd. Cemetery is just to NE with 45 Rd on the west side & W.5 Rd on the South side of the cemetery.

De Beque Cemetery
Arial view De Beque Cemetery **Photo Credit: Google Maps 06 Apr 2023

Find a Grave - DeBeque Cemetery.

The 1917 De Beque Cemetery Incorporation deeds.

1912 BLM land purchase.

A brief review of burials listed on Find-A-Grave indicates that there were many burials in this cemetery before it was incorporated in 1917. One of the first burials was the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Caldwell who died of whooping cough on Saturday, Oct. 10th 1891.

And on 25 June 1896 Marie DeBeque, the wife of Dr. W.A.E. DeBeque, for whom the town was named for, died and was buried in the De Beque Cemetery.

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