Mesa County Genealogical Society

Educational Opportunities for Members

The Mesa County Genealogical Society (MCGS) offers a variety of educational programs at our evening and afternoon meetings. These include webinars, member presentations, and share sessions.

Educational Opportunities for the Community

One on One Help Sessions

Available to MCGS Members as well as the public, one of these sessions may help you with your research problem.

Experienced MCGS members are available to assist you.

The sessions are held at the Mesa County Main Library, Fruita Branch, and Palisade Branch on a rotating basis.

Register at

Click on the 'Events' tab then, when the calendar opens, choose the first Friday of the month you wish to attend.

Scroll to 'Genealogy Research Help' and click the 'Register!' button.

Genealogical Proof Standard

The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) is a guideline for establishing the reliability ("proof") of a genealogical conclusion with reasonable certainty. It is important within the genealogical community for clearly communicating the quality of research performed, such as by a professional (or amateur) genealogist.

  • Conduct a reasonably exhaustive search for all information that is or may be pertinent to the identity, relationship, event or situation in questions.
  • Collect and include in your compilation a complete, accurate citation to the source or sources of each item of information used.
  • Analyze and correlate the collected information to assess its quality as evidence.
  • Resolve any conflicts caused by items of evidence that contradict each other or are contrary to a proposed (hypothetical) solution to the question.
  • Arrive at a soundly reasonable, coherently written conclusion.
  • It does not require or ensure proof beyond the shadow of a doubt but the objection that "something else could have happened" is insufficient to discredit the conclusion.

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